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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Same ol’ Same ol’

…but admittedly improving. As expected, Samsung has released it’s latest version of the Note, the Galaxy Note 9 is pretty

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Ontario Teen Should Have Had A Lock Code

Ontario teen Natalie Hall had a nasty scare when she got a Facebook message from some creep in Dubai saying he

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Apple Watch – Be A Lord Of The Rings

Accomplishment feels good… and those that own an Apple Watch know that feeling, that little tap, hearing the “ping” and

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Samsung Photo Bug – Russian Roulette

One difference between my generation and the last couple is they are stupid enough to keep compromising photos or video

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MacBook Pro Keyboard – Snack Munchers Win!

One of the simplest to follow pieces of advice I give to computer users is this: Don’t drink or eat

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LC 520 @ 25 Years!

My very first computer experience was an Apple II, but I was but a toddler, and all I remember are

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Digital Addiction – Leaping To Conclusions

Lots of people are making assumptions when it comes to digital addiction. It’s been something that upsets us here at The Stem…

Photos Once Lost Now Found – Success Story!

We were very happy to be able to assist a couple that had lost 7 years of photos and precious memories! Sometimes it’s best to bring it to the experts!

iPhone XL – L For Luxury

Do you think the iPhone X is expensive? Wait until you see the custom versions from around the world, you’ll see what an iPhone XL can REALLY mean.

Samsung Should “Move On” With Its Apple Shade

Samsung has released an ad featuring an infomercial level frustrated iPhone 6 user who’s very existence is dismal thanks to her slow 4-year-old phone!

Circle By Disney – Parental Network Controls

Circle By Disney is not, in fact, a circle, it’s a cube. A cube that allows you to wield wonderful parently controls over the internet itself!