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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Same ol’ Same ol’

…but admittedly improving. As expected, Samsung has released it’s latest version of the Note, the Galaxy Note 9 is pretty

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TSTAND Kickstarter – Shapeshifting iPad stand for all situations!

Need a strong, flexible and convenient iPad stand? Check out this Kickstarter campaign and fund the TSTAND!

iPad Pro can’t fit an iPhone between it’s icons…

The iPad Pro packs a LOT of pixels into its beautiful display, in fact.. There is just enough space BETWEEN irs icons too..

iOS Tip: Pinch Out To Make Video Fullscreen

Here’s an iOS tip that I’m sure has been around for a while but goes unnoticed a LOT.

iPad Pro – How Is It Stacking Up?

The ipad Pro has been out in the wild for a few days now, how well is it holding up against the competitors?

DAMNIT IVE! iPad Pro Lighting Port SOLDERED!

The iPad Pro is a stunning bit of engineering, it really is. But did J man do something completely unnecessary? Yes, yes he did..

Why Switch To The Desktop Site?

Our post regarding mobile websites…

Your New Phone – New Hardware or Not

iOS 7 is coming.. and you are going to get a new phone weather you like it or not!

New Office Access!

The Stem is now able to accept clients directly into our office at 6303 Bowness Rd NW! Previously, it was necessary to meet within the collocated retail store of Afrikana.

2013 Calgary Flood – Water Damage Assessments

For the past few days my great city has been in a state of emergency. Due to a combination of melt water and intense rainstorms the watershed of Southern Alberta has been flooding.

Custom Twitter Backgrounds

We live in a 140 character world, but as a graphic artist, i’m still shocked at the very “Angelfire” look and feel of many profile pages!