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Live Listen – Hot Line For AirPods

Apple has fantastic Accessibility controls, some of them have great uses for folks without the disability it targets, take Live Listen for example!

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The App Store has a fantastic Free App Of The Wee selection. Chex out the atmospheric puzzler explorer Monument Valley!

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Adobe Flash is DEAD – 5 Years Of Death Throws

Adobe Flash has finally died today after a 5 year battle with security vulnerabilities, shedding support and no solution for mobile.

iOS Tip: Smarten Up Your Misbehaving iOS Device

A great iOS tip that will reduce your frustration and the results of kinetically active limbs.

Apple Pay Is In Canada.. But There’s A Catch…

Apple Pay finally launches in the Great White North.. But has a moose sized fly in our utopian future!

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Is Not Idiot Proof…

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 proves once again Samsung uses a roomful like of drunk monkies to design their products.

AppleTV And Setting It Up For Kids

The AppleTV is great fun and entertainment for the whole family! But what if the kids have one of their own? Find out how to protect them!

TSTAND Kickstarter – Shapeshifting iPad stand for all situations!

Need a strong, flexible and convenient iPad stand? Check out this Kickstarter campaign and fund the TSTAND!

iPad Pro can’t fit an iPhone between it’s icons…

The iPad Pro packs a LOT of pixels into its beautiful display, in fact.. There is just enough space BETWEEN irs icons too..

iOS Tip: Pinch Out To Make Video Fullscreen

Here’s an iOS tip that I’m sure has been around for a while but goes unnoticed a LOT.