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Apple News Headline Roundup – COVID Isolation Time

Just because we were all locked up doesn’t mean the news stopped, check out some of the headlines!

  • New Shot On iPhone Video is AMAZING
  • Johnson & Johnson and Apple partner on new stroke risk study
  • Check out Apples white paper on the Mac Pro PDF link, and Pro Display XDR PDF link 
  • There is indication Apple is working on an Internet Recovery mode for iOS devices. 
  • Looks like the top phone of the year is the iPhone XR, followed by the iPhone 11.
  • Apple paying up to $500 million to settle iPhone battery slowdown lawsuits
  • Mario Kart Tour is finally getting multiplayer for everyone March 8
  • New jailbreak hack lets you run Android on your iPhone 7, Project Sandcastle
  • Apple device do lose value over time. “In the first year, on average, iPhones lost -23.45%; by year two, the total loss is -45.46%,” notes BankMyCell. But Androids lose way more. After one year, they’ve dropped an average of 48.65% — more than twice as much as iPhone after the same amount of time. And after two years, Androids are down 79.66%
  • Apple offers 10% bonus when you add funds to Apple IDs
  • Apple Stores could be closed until Mid April, repairs locked behind closed doors.
  • Apple will cancel iCloud account recovery if user spams requests
  • Full third-party cookie blocking comes to Safari two years ahead of Chrome
  • AppleCare+ for iPad Pro includes coverage for new Magic Keyboard

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This Has Been Your Apple News Brief


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