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Apple One Plans – Service Bundles Arrive!

How many of Apples numbers services do you subscribe to? If the answer is anything more than 3, switch yourself to the Apple One Plan! 

Apple One Plan

Apple One Plans – Surprisingly Great Deal

Let’s see, I subscribe to Music, Arcade, AppleTV+, 2 X 2TB Storage plan…

Apple Music: $9.99

Apple Arcade: $5.99

AppleTV+: $5.99

2TB Storage Plan: $12.99 (Mine)

2TB Storage Plan: 12.99 (The Wifes) 

Total: $47.99

You’d think I was rich or something.. I’m not. Thank God Apple has now come out with a bundle package! The highest-end, Premier package is $33.95, +$12.99 for another 2GB is $46.94! Saving an entire $1.05!!! What the hell’s the point?!?! Well, let’s break it down…

Apple has released 3 Apple One Plans, Individual, Family and Premier, and you can add more storage to each of those if you need it. Check out the prices…

Adding Up The Apple One Savings

Let’s break each one down…

Individual plan

  • Music: $9.99
  • TV+: $5.99
  • Arcade: $5.99
  • iCloud storage, 50GB: $1.29
  • Total cost: $23.26
  • One plan: $15.95
  • Savings per month: $7.31
  • Savings per year: $87.72

Family plan

  • Music Family: $14.99
  • TV+: $5.99
  • Arcade: $5.99
  • iCloud storage, 200GB: $3.99 a month
  • Total cost: $30.96
  • One plan: $20.95
  • Savings per month: $10.01
  • Savings per year: $120.12


  • Music Family: $14.99
  • TV+: $5.99
  • Arcade: $5.99
  • iCloud storage, 2TB: $12.99 a month
  • News+: $12.99
  • Fitness+: $12.99
  • Total cost of individual services: $65.94
  • One plan: $33.95
  • Total savings: $31.99
  • Savings per year: $383.88


Wow. That actually adds up. 

A couple of caveats though, the individual plan is just that, individual; it does not allow you to share the Music or iCloud Storage plan. And this is where a lot of the savings come from.. the Family and Premier plans include the Apple Music Family plan, and the choice to share the storage plans. The best part, a family is defined as 6 members. 

Even the individual Plan is a great deal and may encourage people to try a little something else if say they only have Music and some storage. But the deal REALLY gets good with the family plan, letting the whole family listen to music, and getting a fair amount of storage. 

Now, what about me, and my whopping savings of $1.05? Ok, so I’m personally not saving a lot of money, but what am I getting? My kids and wife can now get access to Music, share that 4TB of storage, AND now we get access to Apple News+, and Apple Fitness! 


No matter how you add it up, if you use multiple Apple Services, the nre bundles save you a fair chunk of change. And even if it doesn’t end up saving you anything, you may get access to some other services for free, so be sure to check it out!

If you have any questions regarding the Apple One Plan, contact us!



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