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Apple Watch – Saving Lives Like A Superhero!

There has been a flurry of reports the past months about the Apple Watch playing the role of a regular Marvel Super Hero! It seems the new heart rate warning feature has successfully saved a few lives!

Apple Watch heart rate warning

Apple Watch OS 4.x Feature Credited

In WatchOS 4, Apple introduced a hidden gem of a health feature. If the watch detects that your heart rate is over 120 bpm for an extended time where you aren’t moving a whole lot, it will interpret that as a possible medical emergency and alert you! Now, medically speaking, this is absolutely true, the only reason your heart rate should increase is if you are doing something physical. If something pops inside you and send your heart rate skyrocketing, it’s probably a good thing to know this before you pass out.

The latest lucky fellow to benefit from this warning is one William Monzidelis, who started feeling dizzy at work, soon after he noticed he started bleeding! His watch then alerted him that his heart rate was unusually high and suggested he seek medical attention. Taking the advice, it was discovered he had a ruptured ulcer, which could have have been much, much worse had he waited and not been treated sooner. Good thing the Apple Watch told him to get his ass to a doctor!

Deanna Recktenwald was in Church when her Apple Watch warned her she had a standing heart rate of 190 pbm! Her registered nurse mother rushed her to medical attention and they found she had an undiagnosed chronic kidney disease that she’d shown no symptoms for until then.

A pulmonary embolism was found to be responsible for the increased resting heart rate of James Green while chilling at his desk.

On the opposite end of the heart rate, Scott Thomas found his heart rate to be unusually low. Looking into he was soon fitted with an ICD (implantable cardiac defibrillator) after being diagnosed with cardiac sarcoidosis!

Other Functions Saving Lives As Well

On top of the heart rate alert, the SOS feature allowed Kacie Anderson to summon police and fire after she was involved in a car accident. Having lost consciousness for a minute and unable to find her phone, she quickly commanded her Series 3 to call for help, and it did! Even without being connected to a plan, the LTE enabled Series 3 is able to make emergency calls.

Let’s not forget about our seafaring friend John Zilles who was saved from shark-infested waters by his Series 3!

Justice League Applauds Device

Batman, Superman, Superwoman, The Flash, and Cyborg have all expressed their approval of the Apple Watch. “It’s freed us up to deal with much larger threats like Clock King and Egghead. I no longer have to choose between saving the heart attack victim or the machinations of incredibly organized and timely supervillain!”

Ok, the last paragraph there may have been made up… but for real, the Apple Watch has been playing a superhero that past little while, and here’s to it doing more and more!


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