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AppleCare+ – Now Plus PLUS

Ever since I got shafted by Sears for an extended warranty on a dishwasher, I’ve been wary of extended warranties. And though I’ve generally suggested purchasing AppleCare+ with your various devices, Apple has made some changes that make the purchase a no brainer. 

AppleCare+ products

AppleCare+; now protecting klutzy folks even better!

AppleCare+ Has Been Upsized

The previous terms for AppleCare+ stipulated that you would be covered for two instances of accidental damage up to two times during the two years of the coverage. After paying the applicable premium, Apple would replace the device for you. In most cases, the cost of the warranty plus the two instances of the premiums were close to the cost of a repair by an outfit like mine, so it was worth it in a lot of cases, especially for items like MacBook Pro’s, where the screen prices have been soul-crushingly high. 

Without the pomp or circumstance it warranted, Apple quietly updated the terms under AppleCare+. Now, you get two instances of accidental damage covered PER YEAR. This has effectively doubled the coverage! Now, it’s per calendar year, so they don’t roll over, but still, this is a massive upgrade! On the computer side, you now get THREE years, and once again, two instances per calendar year, so. 6 instances of your clumsy ass are covered. Notable, this coverage also includes any Apple accessories that the device came with, chargers, headphones, RAM, optical drives, AND Apple Pencil AND Magic Keyboard. 

Now, I did mention the premium part.. and those are highly variable

iPhone – $199 to $249

$40 for screen damage.

$129 for anything else.

iPad – $79 – $150

$50 for all damage.

$39 for Apple Pencil or Keyboards

Apple Watch – $99

$89 for all damage.

iMac, Mini, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air – $199 to $419

$129 for screen damage & enclosure damage.

$379 for anything else.

AppleCare+ Water Damage

Will AppleCare+ cover what Jake found? It should..and I’d pay good money to be there when you do!

Hell Of A Deal

Though it does tag on an additional cost to an already expensive device, these warranties would often pay for themselves after one use. Even on the lower end product, it may break even; I’m currently charging about  $80 for an iPhone SE 2020 screen repair, that’s $360 for four repairs… AppleCare+ & premiums would be the same… but what if you dunk it in a lake? It’s a crapshoot even if I can repair it at all. When we start seeing prices like $800 for iPad Pro screen replacements, $300 for watch screens, the initial costs plus premiums seem easier to bear. The $419 and $379 combo for an iMac may seem high, but that’s on a bloody $8,000 computer… seems like a no brainer to cover an investment like that! 

So, even though it’s not in my immediate interests, I do fully recommend purchasing the AppleCare+ plan with your Apple device, especially with the recent increase value. With that being said, there Apple is quick to trigger additional costs for a repair, feel free to call us for a quote. 

Once you are done with your AppleCare+ coverage, we will be here with bells on, ready to help you with your Apple product. Apple may not help you, steer you toward a new product, but we know they last, and we are always for repair instead of replacing! Give us a call to see what we can do for your Apple device!

If AppleCare+ just isn’t for you, there may be another solution…

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Ryszard (Rick) Gold, From Calgary, Alberta, Canada has over 20 years of experience working with Apple products in a technical capacity. Passionate about technology in general, his natural troubleshooting abilities, curiosity and appreciation of good design lead him into working exclusively with Apple Computer products.
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