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Updated- Aerial Screen Saver – See New Content!


Aerial Screensaver has been updated again with a new interface and stand alone app! Download it here!


aerial screensaver 2

Did Santa happen to bring you an new AppleTV this Christmas? Did you notice the absolutely stunning AppleTV screen saver, Aerial? Well, the thing is… there may in fact be more of the amazing visuals, and we’ll tell you how to unlock them!

AppleTV screen saver thumbnails

AppleTV Screen Saver Unleashed!

From major cities to the far reaches of the frozen Earth, over 30 day and night scenes await you. If curiosity has the best of you, a good fellow has been kind enough to gather all of them in one place! Thanks to Ben Mayo, you can see them all on his site here.

‘Once you’ve whet your appetite, then follow this path on your AppleTV to the correct setting…

Settings – General – Screensaver – Type

Now, with “Aerial” highlighted, tap Menu again, then select “Download New Video”, then select monthly or weekly.

AppleTV Screen Saver path

And there you have it, you should now be treated to an incredible variety of slow-moving scenery!



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