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Camera Covers – JUST DON’T

It seems folks who value their privacy and Apples design tolerances have come to a head with the issue of camera covers. If you use a camera cover on your MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, you may open up to this one day…

camera cover breaking screens

Reddit user koolbe was rudely surprised with this one day.

Camera Covers Have Thickness

No matter how thin they are advertised to be, Apple’s tolerances are thinner. Apple designs to absolutely crazy margins, with parts fitting together with practically NO space. In the past, this has resulted in things like Staingate, where the keyboard keys actually damage the MacBook Screen. Now, this is being combined with the classic user error of closing their screens whilst something is left in between. But now people are intentionally putting things between their screen and palm rest. 

How many screens have I had to replace because someone closed the MacBook lid with a pen left on their keyboard? 


We actually had a bit of reprieve in the past when Apple used a layer of glass in front of the LCD, it made the screen tougher, and it was possible to replace the glass if the underlying LCD was undamaged. Now, there is no glass cover, and the screens are incredibly thin, and a natural result is an increase in fragility. To make it EVEN worse, the screens are getting stupidly, horribly, incredibly, ridiculously expensive to replace! Like our fellow above who was quoted nearly $2,000 to replace the screen!! I myself am forced to charge prices starting at $700 for a 7-year-old 13″ LCD!

This really does need to change, and I’m convinced someone somewhere is making an absolute killing on a link in this chain! You cannot convince me that the COM for these items are anywhere near that!

Value Your Privacy – With Tape

So, don’t risk breaking your very expensive MacBook screen with a silly plastic adjustable camera cover like these…


Just use…

camera covers cheap style

For real. Just use a thin piece of tape. Sure, it’s more inconvenient, but it will potentially save you $80 the value of your MacBook Pro!

Though Apple has implemented several security features that cut off the microphone, enable a LED when the camera is in use, we must remember that all software can be compromised. If you are genuinely concerned about your privacy, then I do recommend the use of a camera cover.. but just go with a good ol’ inch of that electrical tape. 

Apple Says Don’t

In a recent support document, Apple explains what I’ve said here, explaining that due to tight tolerances, a camera cover could result in damage to your Apple MacBook screen. Apple recommends nothing thicker than a piece of paper in fact!

Now, this doesn’t apply to your Apple iMac.. unless you are in the habit of slamming it face down on your desk of course… cause those screens are expensive too!

Either way, if you have damaged your iMac or MacBook screen, contact us for a quote on repair!


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