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News Archive! Apple certainly makes a lot of news headlines! We feature many articles about Apple in the news and their often negative light they shed!

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Is Not Idiot Proof…

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 proves once again Samsung uses a roomful like of drunk monkies to design their products.

Your New Phone – New Hardware or Not

iOS 7 is coming.. and you are going to get a new phone weather you like it or not!

New Office Access!

The Stem is now able to accept clients directly into our office at 6303 Bowness Rd NW! Previously, it was necessary to meet within the collocated retail store of Afrikana.

2013 Calgary Flood – Water Damage Assessments

For the past few days my great city has been in a state of emergency. Due to a combination of melt water and intense rainstorms the watershed of Southern Alberta has been flooding.

Fraudulent Parts Alert!

Another reason to bring your iPhone or iPad to a reputable facility like The Stem has reared it’s ugly head on the web! Last week a lovely women brought in a “new iPhone 5 screen” for me to instal onto her broken iPhone 5.

Apples Future… brightened!

Truthfully, I’ve been concerned about Apples software direction, not the over all experience, but the look and feel. Fire up iCal, Contact, Notes… whats with the leather look?

Steve Jobs – The Crazy One

Our thoughts on the passing of Apple founder Steve Jobs