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Category Archives: Good Laughs

Good laughs! Here are a bunch of articles featuring a good hearty laugh, usually at the expense of Android users or manufacturers!

FKA Twigs Trapped In The Mirror Universe!

The absoltuly incredible HomePod ad featuring FKA Twigs has been studied, and it was found that OUR FKA Twigs is now trapped!

iPhone X Ads On Point!

They’ve run some silly, questionable and downright sucky ads the past year, but with the premiere of the latest HomePod

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AR Emojis called from the 90’s…

Samsung rushed out an Anamoji clone and downright embarrassed themselves. AR Emojis laughable face tracking and 90’s animation quality are ridiculous.

Samsung Laughs – But We Get The Last Laugh

I heard something about Samsung making fun of Apple during the Glaxy S9 launch, not that anything is new with

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My Notch Brings All The Boys To The Yard

I like my notch. I like it a lot. I think it adds to the distinctiveness and enhances the usability

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Testing Batteries – Darwin Award Edition

Darwin believed in the survival of the fittest… your method of testing batteries may test your genetic fitness…

Apple Watch Saves The Day!

Apple watch seems to be on a roll this year! With record sales and near superhero levels of live saving! See the latest Aquaman style save!

Virginia Heffernan – Dafuq I Just Read?

Sometimes a article title is just so full of outright sillyness it has to be called out! The author of this article has some interesting ideas!

Don’t Cry – Apple’s “The Archives” Ad

Apple has been hit or miss lately with their ads… this one, The Archives, is right on target! The target is your heart, and boy oh boy.. try not to cry…

Hidden iPhone Feature – High Tech Anti Impalement Protection

Apple has not disclosed an amazing feature of the iPhone, this hidden iPhone feature will literally protect your ass! See how it works!