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Category Archives: Good Laughs

Good laughs! Here are a bunch of articles featuring a good hearty laugh, usually at the expense of Android users or manufacturers!

Friday Funnies – Have Your Healthcare & iPhone too!

Time for Friday Funnies! Hot on the tail of tone deaf comments by a US politician, late night comedy shows were quick to respond! Check it out!

Ice Fishing iPhone 7 – Only In Russia

A fish tale straight outta Russia! Fishing in the freezing cold, vodka, heros and unfortunately accidents with expensive phones!

Best iPhone Holder Ever!

One thing most iPhone holder and selfie sticks have in common.. they aren’t hands fee! This unique, and may we venture, bold design solves that!

Shower iPhones – F.F.S.

Along with the cinnamon challenge and other idiotic internet spawned ideas.. shower iPhones are a thing now.. time to shut this down.

Pixel Phone – All Bark & No Bite

The Pixel Phone is here! And boy oh boy for all the bluster Google put out did they ever mess up! Check out how it stacks up!

Ringtones @ 100+ BPM

For those of you that like a little higher BPM in your music, this fellow has remixed the standard iPhone ringtones! Put up the horns and take a listen!

Apple Ads – Back To Greatness

Apple recently released a couple fantastic ads for the Apple TV and Siri.. check out their return to great ads!

Throwback Saturday – Mo Dems

We came across this amazing throwback that will have you it fits of laughter and amazement! This is pre-internet!

Eric Schmidt Won’t Even Use Android

Something happened in South Korea the other day that could be treasonous for Alphabet (Google) Executive Chair Eric Schmidt.

Hey Trevor Noah – I Fixed Your Graphics For You

The Daily Show had some issues with their onscreen graphics, I fixed it for them.