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Category Archives: iOS

iOS Archives! If the article has to do with iPhones and it’s operating system, iOS, you’ll find it here! Updatates, bugs, features and tips!

Monument Valley Free – GET IT NOW

The App Store has a fantastic Free App Of The Wee selection. Chex out the atmospheric puzzler explorer Monument Valley!

iOS Tip: Smarten Up Your Misbehaving iOS Device

A great iOS tip that will reduce your frustration and the results of kinetically active limbs.

Apple Pay Is In Canada.. But There’s A Catch…

Apple Pay finally launches in the Great White North.. But has a moose sized fly in our utopian future!

iPad Pro can’t fit an iPhone between it’s icons…

The iPad Pro packs a LOT of pixels into its beautiful display, in fact.. There is just enough space BETWEEN irs icons too..

iOS Tip: Pinch Out To Make Video Fullscreen

Here’s an iOS tip that I’m sure has been around for a while but goes unnoticed a LOT.

Your New Phone – New Hardware or Not

iOS 7 is coming.. and you are going to get a new phone weather you like it or not!

Apples Future… brightened!

Truthfully, I’ve been concerned about Apples software direction, not the over all experience, but the look and feel. Fire up iCal, Contact, Notes… whats with the leather look?

What’s on my iPad?

So you’ve gotten an iPad for Christmas! Now what to instal on it? See what we run on the daily.

iOS 5 Tour: Launch Day!

Today is the day! By 1PM EST iOS 5 should be available through iTunes. Along with the major features I’ve

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iOS 5 Tour Day 5: iMessage

Learn all about the new messaging service from Apple in iOS 5!