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Category Archives: iPhone

iPhone Archives! Here is our archive of articles that feature the famous iPhone! If it has to do with updates, new hardware, antyhing, it will be here!

Face ID – Invisible Technology

We usually equate technology with complexity; more knobs and gauges, more status indicators and screens. We consider a fighter jet

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iPhone X – That’s “X”, NOT 10!

Apple has unveiled the future of smartphones, and it is something to see! Packed with ridiculous amount of technology, the iPhone X is impressive!

Unlock Fees – The End Is Nigh!

The idea of Unlock Fees have bristled the public & now the CRTC want’s their say. And boy did they speak! Changing the future of Canuk mobile forever.

(PRODUCT)RED iPhone In Black – Lust List

Have you seen the new (Product)RED iPhone 7? Some folks didn’t much care for the white face… allow us to present an alternative.

New iPad, iPhones, Updates Galore!

Check out all the new and updated hardware from this Tuesdays Apple Event.. some new accessories.. and learn the fate of a few lost products…

Ice Fishing iPhone 7 – Only In Russia

A fish tale straight outta Russia! Fishing in the freezing cold, vodka, heros and unfortunately accidents with expensive phones!

Christmas Sale – Pick A Discount

It’s Christmas time at The Stem! We have introduced an awesome and exciting promotion! Grab a decoration off our tree to see your discount!

Best iPhone Holder Ever!

One thing most iPhone holder and selfie sticks have in common.. they aren’t hands fee! This unique, and may we venture, bold design solves that!

Dmitry Lischina – Pimping iPhones

Do you have extra money and want something truly one of a kind? Give your phone to Dmitry Lischina and let him have his way with it.

Shower iPhones – F.F.S.

Along with the cinnamon challenge and other idiotic internet spawned ideas.. shower iPhones are a thing now.. time to shut this down.