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Category Archives: iPhone

iPhone Archives! Here is our archive of articles that feature the famous iPhone! If it has to do with updates, new hardware, antyhing, it will be here!

Samsung Note 7 Burned! (again)

The Samsung Note 7 has had some troubles.. see why it’s even worse then you knew!

iPhone Battery Extravaganza!

The Stem is fully stocked on nearly all models of iPhone battery! Get the full day of use out of your phone again for $40!

Highway vs. iPhone

What happens when you drop a backpack off the back of your motorcycle screaming down the #1? Oh.. and your iPhone is in there….

Ringtones @ 100+ BPM

For those of you that like a little higher BPM in your music, this fellow has remixed the standard iPhone ringtones! Put up the horns and take a listen!

Water Damage – Given Up For Dead

We love successfully bringing water damaged Apple products from the brink.. see what we managed with this teens water damaged iPhone!

iPhone SE – Apple Event Brief

Apple held an event in it’s Town Hall today.. introduced a new iPad Pro, some new features and directions.. and a new wee phone.. the iPhone SE!

Emoticons – Retro Emojies!

Unleash some awesome retro emotional punctuation from across the sea! Emoticons are back!

Error 53 Fixed!

Error 53 a “factory Error” code, Apple offers fix for free without a fight.

Error 53 Is NOT A Broken Testla Car Door Handle

Buster Hein is underestimating the security risk that Apple is talking about with Error 53.

Error 53 – Not If Done Right!

Error 53 is not a giant conspiracy, but don’t let small businesses be vilified! Apple has some splainin to do!