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Category Archives: Pro Tips

Pro Tip Archive! We love to teach our readers new and awesome tips on using their Apple iPhone, iPad or Mac! Get Pro Tips from the Pro!

Move Icons Easier – iOS 11 Protip

Apples incremental improvements in iOS continue with iOS 11, this time helping out with organization. See how Apple has improved your ability to move icons!

Shut Off Without The Button – iOS 11 Protip

iOS 11 has introduced a ton of great features! One of them is the ability to shut off your phone without using the actual power button!

Pro Tips – Audio Balance Change

From our pro user experts! Find out how to change the audio balance in iOS, this is great for people with some hearing loss!

Google Feature Photos – A Google Product I Can Recommend!

Google has released a long time feature of it’s video products, Google Feature Photos, come check out what it’s all about!

Mac Storage – Wrestling That Drunk Walrus

Figuring our storage solutions for your Mac can be stressful, but know there are options and The Stem can help figure our a solution for you!

Shower iPhones – F.F.S.

Along with the cinnamon challenge and other idiotic internet spawned ideas.. shower iPhones are a thing now.. time to shut this down.

Password Protected Notes

Got some important and personal information on a note in your iPhone? May want to think about protecting that with a password.

Emoticons – Retro Emojies!

Unleash some awesome retro emotional punctuation from across the sea! Emoticons are back!

Deleted Notes? Not All Is Lost!

Have you been freaked out to discover that note of grandmas recipes have gone missing? Follow us into the Chamber of Secrets to get your deleted notes back!

Lost Your iPhone? Don’t Be A Fool!

You’ve lost your phone and you can’t do a damn thing about it.. yes you can. Use the tools that Apple gave you!