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Category Archives: Successes

Successes Archive! Sometimes we just do so damn well on a project we have to toot our own horn! Check out amazing ways we’ve helped customers like you!

Photo Recovery – Digging Deep Into The Past

Photo recovery is of utmost importance to us, and this project proved to be quite a challenge to us! We had to dig deep in the past to make this work!

Photos Once Lost Now Found – Success Story!

We were very happy to be able to assist a couple that had lost 7 years of photos and precious memories! Sometimes it’s best to bring it to the experts!

Improper Repair – Pays To Go To A Specialist

With a rash of poor previous repairs crossing our desk as of late, we decided to point out the difference between an amateur and professional repair!

Hidden iPhone Feature – High Tech Anti Impalement Protection

Apple has not disclosed an amazing feature of the iPhone, this hidden iPhone feature will literally protect your ass! See how it works!

Highway vs. iPhone

What happens when you drop a backpack off the back of your motorcycle screaming down the #1? Oh.. and your iPhone is in there….

Water Damage – Given Up For Dead

We love successfully bringing water damaged Apple products from the brink.. see what we managed with this teens water damaged iPhone!

Water Damage – Back From The Dead

This MacBook Pro had been found in a puddle.. the water damage was extensive.. could she be resurrected from he dead?

Truck vs. iPad – The Aftermath!

Check out who wins in a fight between a truck and an iPad in Truck vs. iPad!