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Conflict Minerals – Apple Out Ahead – Updated!


Apple is continuing it’s audit of smelters and refineries, removing 18 from their supply chain in 2019. They have had 100% audit participation for 5 consecutive years, showing just how serious they are about keeping conflict minerals out of their products! They found that none of their 264 suppliers were not sourcing from conflict zones, great work I say!

Read below for the full scoop on the issue!

YOUR PHONE MAY BE FULL OF BLOOD! Well, perhaps not literally, unless you’ve had a repair at The Stem and it sliced me like yesterdays corned beef, I make no promises at that point. Though the manufacturer of your phone may have blood on their hands, via conflict minerals. You’ve heard of blood diamonds? Gems mined in areas of war where the sale of that giant rock on your lovelies finger may have funded an AK-47 or two? Well, the same goes for all the fancy metal bits in your cell phone. Lets see, Gold(Not yours truly, I’m certified conflict free), Tantalum, Tin,  Tungsten and more mined in areas of conflict can all fund human atrocities.

conflict minerals

So Who’s Using Conflict Minerals?

Not Apple.

At least according to a recent report from Demand The Supply, who gave Apple the highest ranking of 122, a number disgustingly ahead of the vast majority of everyone. If you read this blog though, that would not surprise you. You’d be very well informed that Apple is indeed trying to make a difference in the world. Do you think companies like Hauwei who sell some of the cheapest Android phones on the markets can possibly afford to check on its supply chain to see where it’s minerals come from? Do you think they even give one, let alone TWO shits about it?

Even a massive corporation like Samsung can’t seem to muster enough morality to score more than 17.5.. seventeen point five… SEVENTEEN POINT FIVE. Your Galaxy S8 may as well come with a certificate of how many automatic weapons it help fund.

A Pleasant Surprise

Who came in second to Apple? Alphabet! AKA, Google. It seems they have no problem violating your privacy without a second though, but they draw the line at funding wars, so there’s that. They did very well thanks to some serious investments in associated programs including a $200,000 injection into CFSP Initial Audit Fund.

Is this enough to finally recommend the Pixel 2 phone? You’ll have to be the judge… but it’s certainly a point in their favour.

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