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DAMNIT IVE! iPad Pro Lighting Port SOLDERED!

Well, now you’ve gone and done it Johnny.. with all the gobs and gobs of real estate available inside the fantastic new iPad Pro.. your design team couldn’t spare a couple quarter millimetres to make sure the Lighting Port assembly is easily replaceable? I mean, every other generation of iPhone and iPad (spare the iPad Mini) has an easily replaceable docking connector. You soldered that son of a bitch right onto the logic board… why?

ipad pro

Look at that! LOOKIT DAMNIT! Courtesy of iFixit

I accepted the whole LCD/Digitizer fusion as a necessary evil.. it makes the repair easier, albeit much more expensive.. but this soldering of cables is just bad design. Us wee tinkerers out in the trenches see damaged power ports all the time; either someone’s toddler slobbered all over the connector before daddy unknowingly plugs it in, perhaps someone busted off the charger pin inside because unlike its older cousin it’s not MagSafe… whatever.. they get damaged.

iPad pro

See? It happens..proof!

Not being able to easily replace it is just plain wrong, and I think our good friends at iFixit agree.. I understand Kyle Wiens has put his giant wrench through no less then three old style CRT’s this morning alone…

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