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Exploding Kittens For iOS!

The biggest Kickstarter back game in history, Exploding Kittens is now available on iOS!

Exploding Kittens cards

They Explode– But YOU Can Stop Them!

The basic premise of the physical card game is to draw cards until you get an Exploding Kitten card, then hope you have a defence card in your hand.. and some of them are very creative indeed.

Digital Exploding Kittens

The app follows the same premise, but includes hand drawn animations and awesome sound effects! Another difference from most iOS games, you play with a team of friends over a local network.. in the same room.. making actual physical human contact.. just make sure you have enough Lightning Cables handy.

human contact with Exploding Kittens

You Can Do It… Really.. Just Try

If you feel like a good old physical version, you can get that on Amazon for $30 on Amazon.

Go get it now for a special price and don’t forget to get the free loot under In-Game purchases!

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