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Fall Detection – Apple Watch Lifesaver!

I’ve written now a few articles on the Apple Watch saving lives in a variety of ways.. and I’m doing it again. This time, fall detection on the Apple Watch has saved another life this week!

Fall detection on Apple Watch Series 4

Fall Detection Has Saved Multiple Elderly Folks

Remember the old, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” ads? Like I’ve mentioned before, it’s a very cool feature that uses the gyroscopes and accelerometers to detect the motion of falling. If your watch detects you have fallen, and you don’t move for a minute, it will automatically send a signal to emergency services, your emergency contacts and broadcast your location. Those LifeLine devices were great if your poor granny didn’t knock her ass out… the Apple Watch does one better by sensing that and getting life saving help!

Well, this was of great assistance to one 87 year old Dotty White of Maine. Driving home with a load of groceries, her trip was violently interrupted by the abrupt meeting of another car… her first car accident in fact! Her watch detected this, and immediately dialled her son in Florida, daughter in Massachusetts and her daughter in Maine. As designed, it also contact emergency services and broadcast her location. The watch then informed her what all had been done, and she was soon being treated for some broken bones and her kids on the way.

Dotty isn’t the only one that has made headlines! An 80 year old lady in Munich had a nasty fall, her Apple Watch did its thing, and minutes later an ambulance crew bashed in her door to save her! Luckily she was not injured, and the watch had summoned her son as well, who took over care.

Not so lucky was 67 year old Toralv Ostvang of Norway. The poor fellow had a late night slip and fractured the ever loving hell out of his skull! Emergencies services got the signal from the watch and found him a bloody mess on the bathroom floor. This was a much better situation though as if he’d not gotten help, he more than likely would have died.

Give That Watch A Cape, Seriously!

Since the introduction of the LTE version , the Apple Watch has saved a crazy amount of lives. Though heart rate detections, emergency calls and now fall detection…. this thing is giving Superman a run for his money. It is a sound investment not only for health conscious, but anyone that wants to have a great emergency aid. Get yours now!

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