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Foundation – Apples Takes On Isaac Asimov

It was reported a while ago that Apple was going to invest 1 BILLION in original TV programming for 2018. So far, we’ve gotten fluff, an uninspired app development Dragons Den rip off, a lackluster take over of Carpool Karaoke, word of a comedy drama or two. A couple exciting projects were mentioned though, a new sci-fi by the producers of Battlestar Galactica and a remake of Amazing Stories, so there is hope! The other day though, it came down that they managed to pick up one of the greatest science fiction stories of all time, Issiac Asimov’s Foundation series!

Foundation Could Make Or Break Apple TV

Now, in reality, it’s not Apple fault, either way, it’s all about the writers, producers, and actors. But considering the scope of this novel, much like Lord Of The Rings or Dune, this has a lot of potential to completely bomb if not done with love and passion. As an inherited owner of an original 50’s collection of the Foundation in print, I’M PERSONALLY COUNTING ON APPLE NOT TO FUCK THIS UP.

Ever since I read the books I have been wishing for a movie adaptation. For those that have not read the series, it takes place in a far future where a mathematician has collected a grand group of great thinkers and scientists, artists and the like to lessen the blow of an impending galactic disaster he has mathematically proven will occur. The protagonist is called The Mule, a mutant who is the fly in the ointment of the mathematician’s calculations.

For anyone who has read it and knows the description of The Mule, you will certainly agree with me that only one of these two actors can take the role…

Foundation actors for The Mule


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