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Galaxy S8 Somehow Slower Then iPhone 7

I mean, really? What is wrong with Android that the flagship products still can’t beat LAST YEARS iPhone in real word speed? When I heard initial benchmarks, I really did think that the Samsung Galaxy S8 could beat the iPhone 7 finally. I thought it had damn well better considering the one-sided hairy ass whooping the Galaxy S7 got. But, as you can see, it lagged behind significantly in real world tests, and at best paced or otherwise, slightly edged out on some tests.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Finally A Serious Contender

Between last years model and this year admittedly beautiful Galaxy S8 (craftsmanship has yet to be determined) they have improved, a LOT. BUT, for a premium, top of the line phone that is 8 months more advanced, it SHOULD mop the floor with the iPhone.

Not that I’m complaining.. if only to stave off the smugness of Android users finally being able to say something of theirs is faster.

Later in the video though it shows some pretty disappointing single core performance… but that may give a boost to battery life. It looks like Samsung has improved water resistance as well.

But, in typical bone headed Samsung fashion, they put the Fingerprint scanner in a bloody awkward place..

Samsung Galaxy S8 slower then iPhone 7

…to the left of the back camera lens.

The back of the phone is bad enough, go groping like Donald Trump to find it… but then to off centre it? Wow. Turns out there were late production problems.. and again in typically Samsung haphazard fashion, it was just tossed anywhere. What happened the last time Samsung rushed stuff? Oh yea, FIRE. Oh.. and its biggest feature, their answer to Siri, inexplicably named Bixby, won’t work at launch!


Samsung has made its typical guffaws and silly arse decisions, BUT, they are improving more and more each year. Is there a Samsung Galaxy in The Stems future? Not a monkey’s chance in hell, but they may receive kudos more often:-) Apple will without a doubt steal Samsungs thunder this September, but they are going to have to increasingly try harder to stay ahead.. but that’s a good thing!

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