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Huawei Touts “The Homer” Notch

Oh Huawei, my guns have not yet bore on you, but the dethroning of Apple as 2nd largest mobile phone manufacturer has brought you into my sights. How did we get here with such crappy hardware? Guess it helps being a possible state funded entity. It looks like you’ll be just as easy a target as Samsung, let’s go!

Huawei Goes After The Notch

But unlike Samsung who chooses to implement big chins and foreheads on their phones, Huawei adopts the chin AND a notch… but a slightly narrower notch, because their front camera is just that, a camera. It does not have the complex array of sensors that make 3D facial recognition on the iPhone X possible. Even though they shamelessly copied the iPhone X, (even the swirls of colour displayed on the screens for marketing) they need to make sure you know their notch is better, because it’s narrower… there is room for more notifications.

Huawei notch game

Wow, that is… a LOT… of notifications. 15 to be exact. 15 hieroglyphic icons to vie for your attention.

Remember when 24 hour news broadcasts started? Remember how the caster was in a box in the upper right, with headlines running underneath, and at least 10 other information boxes like weather, stocks, sports scores and more littered the rest of the screen. It was found out, not soon enough, that this was a very ineffective way of conveying information. The human brain was distracted to easily by all the other elements, making the taking in of information very inefficient.

In an era where folks are noticing the number of notifications and interface elements should be much lower, Huawei embraces the opposite.

This looks more like an ad for the iPhone X! Look how elegant it looks next to that wish mash mess of an interface on the Huawei!

Apple Is The King Of UI

Don’t get me wrong, there are, and have been serious issues with UI elements in both iOS and Mac OS. Over-all though, Apple always comes out on top when it comes to ease of use and over all UI satisfaction. It’s because they take special attention to detail when designing for their devices. Their interfaces are built for humans first, not with marketing in mind first.

As a result of their marketing first ideas here, Huawei has made the Home of cell phone interfaces….

Huawei The Homer phone

“But sir, that’s simply to many notifications…” Huawei Exec, “DO IT”

When Apple first introduced the notch with the iPhone X, every Android user and manufacturer dragged them through the dirt, then turned around in record time to start churning out phones with notches! Now that they all have notches, they need to set themselves apart, I’m just not quite sure this was the most effective wy of doing that. As it turns out, most folks agree…


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