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Compatibility Of iOS 10 & MacOS Sierra – The Great Culling

It’s that time of year again as fall aproacheth, a new slew of operating systems, and a new range of devices set out to the great wild pastures. The compatibility lists for this years updates look to shed support for the A5 processor in the mobile line up and in a bloody slaughter, even some of the Intel Penryn desktops!

Apple sets itself apart from the competition by supporting older devices for an unusually long time, even outside of the 5 year vintage status… though 7 years appears to be the limit for Macs. Not all is lost for your pre 2009 Macintosh though, The Stem may have a trick or two to shoehorn it onto your system should you desperately want it!

iOS Compatibility

The iPhone 4s and iPod Touch 5th gen got the axe as expected, making the Apple A5 Processor officially vintage.

iOS 10 Compatibility List

Goodbye A5..

If you are not exactly sure what model you have, fear not, it’s easy to find. Flip your device over, look near the bottom at all the writing, codes and hieroglyphs…

Apple model numbers for compatibility

Always starts with A followed by 4 digits.

Take that there model number and plug it into this website here. You’ll be told what model you have!

Mac OS X Compatibility

Sorry, sorry.. MacOS compatibility! Yes, the latest operating system for your Macintosh has been renamed.. we now have MacOS, instead of OS X. Folks like me that used to walk up hill both ways with only a 25Mhz (read that again, MEGA Hertz, non of that Giga stuff you youths go on about) processor to get us along, know that MacOS is nothing new.. it was just slightly interrupted 2001 for several feral cats and a few landmarks. So yes, everything old is new again… with perhaps a few lost along the way…

mac os sierra compatibility

…like your good old 2007, 2008 and even some 2009 models. Boo-URNS!

Pretty easy to find out what model Mac you have, just go up to the Apple Menu and click on About This Mac…

Check OS X Version

Right there… in that red circle…

New Operating System? Pffffttt….

Quit being a negative nelly and embrace the new features! You can check those out in upcoming posts!

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