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iOS 13 Tips – Clearing Up Messages and Link Preview

As usual, a new iOS version spawns new little tricks that make your life easier, iOS 13 is no exception! If you trade tones of media with some of your Messages contacts, things can get slow.. and eat up a lot of space.

iOS 13 Memojis

Be sure to check out the new amazing customization options for the Memoji’s!

iOS 13 Offering Granular Attachment Control

In iOS 12 you could use the Storage tab in Settings to trim away large attachments in messages, but now it’s easier to select just a type of attachment! In my case, since I do her graphics, my wife at Xpose Beauty sends me source material, and that can include hundreds of original quality photos! This adds up, and I routinely have to go through and archive those. What I had to deal with those was a monolithic list.

With iOS 13, the attachments window now shows you each type of media that has been shared, photos, documents, links, videos, etc. If you select Show All Photos, it will even break down actual photos and Screenshots. I think this is a great way to review what’s been shared between parties, and makes resending items much easier!

To view attachments and manage them, go to the message thread, tap on their Avatar, tap on the Info button, and scroll down. Each category will show somewhere around 4 of the most recent shares, then you have the option of viewing all attachments of that category.

iOS 13 messages attachments

Just scroll up from here!

You can tap and hold on any of the icons there to bring up the contextual menu, and the option is there to delete. When you select “See All _____” you should see a “Select” option, you can then select multiple icons for deletion. Don’t forget you can specifically target only large attachments by going through Settings, General, Storage then choosing Review Large Attachments.

Quick Selection Of Multiple Messages

Another nice feature for messages is the added ability to choose bunches of message threads at once for deletion. Perhaps a sensitive or meaningless thread of messages need to be removed. Instead of tapping each message, tap and hold with TWO fingers anywhere in the message window, then without lifting your fingers, scroll up or down to choose a range of message. Tap the trash icon to get rid of them!

via GIPHY Thanks Nelson Aguilar

BONUS – Disable Annoying Link Previews

Ok, perhaps I’m just easily annoyed… entirely possible.. but I hate the link previews when long holding on a Hyperlink. And because I’m so damn observant, I completely noticed the option at the bottom of the menu that clearly says “Disable Link Preview”. The previous statement was a complete lie and I had to research it…:-(

iOS 13 hide link preview

It still annoys me though that the button to open the link in another tab shoots to the let or right in iPadOS though.. have to move my finger!

Perhaps that’s just Apple making sure we close our rings.

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