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iOS 14.3 Update – Some Pretty Big Updates & Big Fixes

Typically any .x update to iOS is just a bug fix or some extra emojis, but iOS 14.3 includes some pretty significant upgrades!

iOS 14.3 Apple ProRAW


iOS 14.3 Apple ProRAW

Amazing things can be done because of Apple ProRAW, like this unreal shadow recovery by @halidecamera

Apple announced that with iOS 14 they would introduce their own version of the RAW codec for photos and video. What is RAW? It’s basically a file with ALL the camera data included, no processing and no compression. This allows an editor to poke and prod a photo and edit it into a final masterpiece. 

Typically, when you shoot a photo with your mobile phone, what you get is a highly processed and compressed image that has been crushed by the image signal processor to look the best it can be to its machine eyes. Photographers prefer to do it themselves though. Apple ProRAW is the best of both worlds

Along with the raw untouched image data, Apple also includes the data from the various computation pipelines, and there are tones of them. This gives editors a vast amount of data they can play with to make photographs look amazing. If you are interested in a detailed explanation, check out Alessandro Michelazzi and his write up

A couple of other points on the camera updates is you can now record in 25fps for the cinematic feel, and you can now mirror the front-facing camera so text and such appear proper!

Apple Fitness+ Arrives


iOS 14.3 revives classic workouts

Remember these guys?

Apple also announced they would be introducing a Paletron like coached workout service.. but for more than just an overpriced bike. With iOS 14.3 they’ve now launched the $10 service (or cheaper if you combine services!). They offer a vast library of gorgeous workout types including High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Strength, Yoga, Dance, Core, Cycling, Treadmill, Rowing, and Mindful Cooldown all to great music from Apple Music. You can view these videos on your iPhone, iPad or AppleTV. 

The real power though lies in the tight integration with Apple Watch. If you choose to sync your Watch, you will get your biometrics displayed on the screen, allowing you to keep an eye on your heart rate, length of workout and activity rings. Once you complete your workout, all the data will be added to your Health App including a burn-bar. Check out the amazing hosts and get your sweat on! Read the in-depth review by Graham Bower here

Apple Fitness + Crew

iOS 14.3 Privacy “Nutrition” Labels

Apple’s continuous push for user privacy made another leap with iOS 14 with the introduction of Privacy Labels. Styled to be easy to read, each App in the App Store is now to come with a label to shows you EXACTLY how all your data is accessed and shared. This has REALLY pissed off a lot of App Developers, because yea, they don’t want to tell you they are profiting off your data.. BOO FUCKING HOO. Because of blowback from advertisers and developers, Apple has softened it’s Dec. 8th deadline, allowing developers to wait until their next update. 

The labels report on an impressive amount of data points and should allow us to really see what Apps are doing behind our backs, allowing us to hold them accountable more and more. You can find the label information in each Apps page on the App Store, check out Apple details to developers here

iOS 14.3 Privacy Labels

Bits And Bobs

Siri is gaining the ability to play various audio files when you ask her. Go ahead and ask her what a lion sounds like!

Health app is gaining pregnancy-related metrics including lactation. 

Air quality index is now available in some countries. 

App CLips are now enabled, allowing you to “try” an app before fully downloading it. 

A messaging notification bug has been patched.

If you have any questions, contact us!

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