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iOS 14 – Apple CarPlay New Features

iOS 14 included a number of helpful improvements to CarPlay, Apple’s in-car information system that allows you to run your iPhone safely while driving. 

iOS 14 CarPlay

iOS 14 New Appearance Options

A visual refresh has been accomplished with the addition of simple Wallpapers! These colourful backgrounds really do make your icons and widgets pop off the screen. Like iPhones & iPads, the interface now supports dark mode, manually toggled or automatic. Siri has adopted the minimal interface as seen across the rest of the iOS 14 universe as well, making it much less obtrusive than before. 

Improved Siri Integration

Siri has been given more abilities in CarPlay for iOS 14; you can now ask her to share your ETA with someone. In CarPlay 13, you had to do this manually, not exactly hard, but it did involve taking your eyes off the road to touch the screen. Sharing ETA uses all the same AI magic in maps to give a very accurate estimate of actual ETA, taking into consideration traffic, speeds and conditions. Another added feature is the ability to send voice notes via Siri; Simply say “Send a voice message to…” then dictate your message. Your voice message will be transmitted in your voice. 

More iOS 14 Apps & Categories

The CarPlay App store has not exactly been a vast marketplace, but since adding new categories to the mix, we are sure to see more come soon. Categories for Parking, EV Charging & Quick Food Ordering have been added alongside the existing Communication, Audio, and Navigation groups. 

For us cold north Canuks, we won’t make much use of the EV Charging apps, but I’m excited to see what developers do with quick food ordering! Faster, fast food?

Digital Car Keys

iOS 14 CarPlay

A new Apple CarKey technology may see some integration with CarPlay as well. Starting with the 2021 BMW 5 Series, you’ll be able to remotely lock, unlock and start your vehicle with your iPhone… Though there are some seemingly unnecessary restrictions at the moment, like having to be on a wireless charger and touching your phone to the car door handle, it has a lot of promise. 

A very valuable feature is the ability to share keys remotely! You can give another person access to your car for a time, and even restrict certain features. This is also a great way to control access for young drivers. 

All keys are protected with a ridiculous level of encryption and security as would be expected. 


iOS 14 CarPlay doesn’t have massive new features, but the refinements really do make the system easier to use, and an overall better experience. Have any questions regarding Carplay? Contact Us!

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