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iPad Air 3 Blank Screen Service Repair Program

Apple has released another service program, this time for the iPad Air 3 screen. 

iPad Aie 3 blank screen

iPad Air 3 Experiencing Dead Screens

Though we have yet to see any examples of this in our day to day here, it turns out a number of iPad Air 3 models will suddenly up and go blank, with a quick flash signalling complete screen death. 

Apple has not explained what the issue is caused by, but simple speculation is that there is a manufacturing flaw with the LCD between March and October 2019. 

So, if you have an iPad Air 3, and you screen and up and died, good news! Apple is replacing them for free for up to two years after it’s initial retail purchase date!

Program Procedure

As usual, you can saunter on into a Apple corporate store with your iPad, but do book a Genius Bar Appointment. You can also walk into an Authorized Service Centre, and if you are out in the boonies, they can deal with it over snail mail. 

Also, be prepared to fight if you purchased it in another country, and if there is any other damage to the device. 

Apple comically recommends backing up your device before bringing to the Genius Bar, may be rather difficult considering this issue…

If you are experiencing another other issues, or if Apple denies you participating in this program, contact us!

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