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iPhone XL – L For Luxury

If you thought the iPhone X was expensive, wait until you see what folks are doing to further skyrocket the price point! There is a plethora of iPhone XL variations on the market, each more ridiculous than the other! Let’s get started!

Economy Tier (Trump Tier) – Goldgenie

If you don’t have billions but mear millions in the bank, then this series from Gold Genie should be in your price range. Starting with a beautiful iPhone X Radiance 24k Gold Edition, this iPhone X is wrapped in textured gold and as with the rest, comes in a custom cherry wood case. This lil beauty will set you back a mear $4,800! For that, I would have hoped for at least a USB C Charger to be included… money can’t get everything I guess.

iPhone X Luxury

I think Apple has to up their packaging game…

Next up from Goldgenie is the limited-edition 24k gold iPhone X Diamond Cluster Royal Wedding Edition. With a limited run of 99 and a price point of $5,970 you better be a dyed-in-the-wool Royal Super Fan. With some 800 VS1 brilliant cut diamonds on the Apple logo, and a remarkably shitty single tone outline of the new couple, a line or two commemorating the date, this will put all your Royal Family Plate Collecting friends to utter, head hanging shame.

iPhone X royal wedding edition

I mean, for nearly 6k you’d think they could manage some tone in the engraving!

If you are a “poor”, then you may as well scrape though your existence and spend just $3,800 on the iPhone X Classic. But don’t expect much you steerage class peasant you… just Gold on the sides and camera ring for you… now go rub shoulders with the dogs like you deserve!

iPhone X luxury

Pathetic; may as well buy a Samsung S9…

Jay-Z/Beyonce Tier – Caviar Royal Gift

Are you a burgeoning billionaire? Then it’s about time you start showing it off! Never be left without a charge with this hideous and hideously expensive custom iPhone X from Caviar.

iPhone X Tesla model

You damn right it has a box! A LACQUERED box with velvet finish!

That is indeed a solar panel on the back, “Energy from the air!” as the website claims! Inspired by Steve Jobs, Tesla the inventor and no other then Elon Musk, this phone features a solar battery, gold highlights, and carbon fiber surface. The iPhone X Tesla Edition is available for the low, low price of $6, 400!

Now, 3 guesses, first two don’t count, where do you think a luxury company with the name Caviar may originate from? Well, another edition, for a far more affordable $6,300 may give you a clue…

iPhone X Putin

If you said Russia, ding, ding, ding! You win! This is part of their “Leaders” series… plural. But only featuring Putin (sadly, no shirtless on horse versions exist, I’ve contacted them to correct that obvious omission.) and one other… guess who that may be?

iPhone X trump edition


“This phone is an expression of hopes of closer relations of Russia and the USA and that benevolent words of Trump on Russia will be followed by actions leading to change of relations between great states for the better.” Wow… no collision indeed. The most interesting mistake here seems to be there is no way in hell the average purchaser of “Made In America” merchandise could possibly afford the $5,500 price tag.

Though I mock them, their plethora of special designs are actually rather breathtaking!

iPhone X vaciar series

Pictured: $48,299.15 worth of iPhones as of 2018-05-25 4:14:49 PM

Bill Gates Tier – Hadoro Paris

If you are comfortable in your multiples of Billions and price is no object, then jump in your private jet and head to Paris and grab one of these…

iPhone X Luxury

Full gold is gaudy, true luxury is more refined…

That there is $13,500 worth of iPhone X. The Hadoro Signature Diamond iPhone X Alligator is based on a 256GB iPhone X, wrapped in alligator leather, all metal parts are “S-Steal 314L with Black Coating DLC” but looks more like 18k gold.. translation error I think. The solid gold Apple Logo is nearly invisible because it’s covered in 0.66-carat diamonds.. and none of those tiny diamond dust things that Goldgenie uses, these are the real deal.

For those with a more morbid taste, they also have a nifty iPhone X Crazy Bony for $8,600. The back is a 3d relief of a skeleton in carbon fiber… with glowing bloody eyes. The kicker is you can change the colour of the eyes as well! Sign me up!

iPhone X bony glowing eyes

Jeff Bezos Tier

For the richest man in the world, we visit Russia once again! Digging through Caviar Royal Gifts website, we came across something that was truly shocking… a price point way beyond anything we had seen before. Check out this beauty from their Wealth Of Russia series.

iPhone X Luxury

Fit for a Russian oligarch indeed! The iPhone X Imperial Crown features a gold coat of arms and plaque of the two-headed eagle. Positioned within the gold relief pattern are 300 engraved precious stones, with a line of 14 large rubies down the middle. This is a single run design, so not only do you get a pile of gems you get bragging rights of having a truly unique iPhone X. But I hope you have deep pockets, this sucker is going to cost you a whopping $63,000!

I hope for that much you can at least pay to have the materials melted down and put onto the next iPhone model!

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