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KnewKey Rocksete – American Muscle Car Keyboard

My brother had a 1972 Mach 1 Mustang, and used to race it at the track here in Calgary, routinely kicking ass. I have an appreciation of classic muscle cars thanks to him. And wouldn’t you know it, someone combined my love of computers and muscle cars! Check out the KnewKey Rocksete!

KnewKey Rockete

Wonder if that’s a concourse paint job?

KnewKey Rocksete Brings The Quality

This beautifully styled bluetooth keyboard will work with your iMac, MacMini, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and best of all, the iPad! Though not quite large enough to fit an iPad Pro 12.9″ in landscape mode, the crevasse does accommodate all the other iPad models.

When you’d see something gimmicky like this you’d be forgiven for not expecting too much, but the audio diver is a JPL 360° speaker that according to reports, sounds pretty good! Though the switches are plastic, they allow you to control the power, volume, pause, play and track selection.

To really appreciate this device, you have to have at least 12.3% hipster installed.. or just an appreciation of a good old mechanical keyboard. And the keys are fully mechanical, and have that solid click-clack you’d expect. Though it will take some getting used to, it may be a nice respite from the problematic magic keyboards in the latest MacBooks. Looking at it though, how exactly would you use it with a laptop? Well, the spoiler of course….

KnewKey Spoiler

Admit it.. you thought I was kidding…

Perhaps Not A 69′ Fastback

Though it’s reported as an over-all quality device, it’s pricy at around $350 CAD. For that price you should probably get much better quality speakers. They’re good, but I’m sure they won’t pass the audiophile sniff test. Don’t forget the perils of mechanical keyboards either, responsible for decades of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The system is LED backlit, but not the individual keys, so using in low-light conditions isn’t going to happen. There is a disco mode that needs to be shut of immediately for your own sanity. The plastic dials are frankly unforgivable for that price point… for that price I would have expect actual harvested dials from classic cars!

On A Budget?

Perhaps your blood runs on a little higher octane of hipster, but your wallet simply won’t open for that price point. Try out their other retro keyboard, styled more like a typewriter! Oddly, this one’s keys ARE backlit. The KnewKey Rymek Classic is a bit more affordable at $199 or so CAD.

knew key rocksete


There is a feature that just may make up for the additional $150…


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