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Magsafe For iPhone – Solving Wireless Charging Biggest Issue

MagSafe has been a staple of the Apple Ecosystem since 2006. It brilliantly solved an issue that could result in a very broken computer. Back in the day (and for PC’s even now), if you tripped over your power cord, you could send your computer flying. Apple introduced an easily released magnetic power connector in 2006 that went through a few different interactions. Unfortunately, once USB-C became a thing, we are now back to an easily broken, VERY expensive computer. 

But, with the introduction of the iPhone 12, MagSafe has been brought back in a new lick outfit!

Magsafe Evolution

Many people remember the HORROR of the change to MagSafe 2!!

MagSafe Started With iPhone 8

Wireless charging has been a feature of the iPhone since the iPhone 8 released in 2017. People rejoiced! Apple had taken its time on implementing the standard Android users had enjoyed for years. A healthy part of this rejoicing was due to the fact Apple kinda screwed up the order of things.

The iPhone 7 had upset a lot of people by getting rid of the headphone jack.. an invention made during the time of Rutherford Birchard Hayes. They included a set of headphones in the box outfitted with a lighting connecter, which was great… except when you wanted to listen to music and you needed to charge your phone. You were screwed unless you had bought the rather pricey AirPods. 

When the iPhone 8 came along, things got better! You could listen to your music and toss your phone down on a Qi mat to charge it wirelessly! Problem solved! 

What if you want to browse Instagram though?

Apple Solved The Problem With Wireless Charging

The problem with wireless charging is alignment. Well, that and contact… your phone has to be in contact with the charging surface. Grab your phone up and charging stops… so no browsing Instagram while charging and listing to music for you. Ok, so grab the charger with your phone as well.. then alignment becomes a problem. You see, the charging coils used for wireless charging need to be well aligned in order to make the transmission of power efficient. This is why the Apple AirPower project was abandon. The promise of a wireless charging mat that you could place your phone on anywhere failed because it was nearly impossible to ensure proper alignment. 

So how could Apple ensure proper alignment? All they had to do was look at their own past. Apple has used rare earth magnets in nearly every product, and using for alignment in a lot of cases! So, bingo, bango, bongo, bobs your uncle, problem solved, that was easy! MagSafe for wireless charging!

MagSafe For iPhone 11

So Apple solved the alignment problem using rare earth magnets to ensure efficient positioning of the change. Fantastic! Finally, we don’t have to worry about the alignment of your phone, once we place the phone on the charger, it’s going to be efficiently charged without having to fiddle with its position! Not to mention the very cool accessory market that has opened up!

iPhone 12 MagSafe

That’s Not All

Solving the alignment problem is great… but that’s not what I’m talking about. What happens now when you are listening to music and you want to grab up that phone from the wireless charger to brows Instagram?

The charger comes with!! 

Right there is how Apple has solved the BIGGEST problem with wireless charging. 

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