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(PRODUCT)RED iPhone In Black – Lust List

Remember last week when I mentioned people really liked the (PRODUCT)RED iPhone with a black face instead? So, this happened…


Not just a candy coating, this phone is red through and THROUGH!

(PRODUCT)RED Gets Darker

It was quite the undertaking, considering there is no official guide yet, we had to flex our technical skills and explore! What we found was an incredibly precise engineering inside the iPhone 7, just a ridiculously clean and meticulous design.

Besides some bone headed locations for tri-wing screws; the only big gripe we had was the fact Apple choose to route the Lighting connector behind the bloody logic board. If your dock goes, we have to yank the logic board out, makes a 15 minutes job into a 45 minutes job… Jony is kinda pissing me off with this silly stuff.

The scope of this was larger due to the fact the Touch ID button is tied to the logic board.. so it’s not as easy as swapping screens… logic boards have to swap as well.. this is major surgery!

Stunning Results

So why did we do this? Not our idea… and we’ll fill you all in a little more as things progress with our secret client!

But look at this beautiful thing….


It’s a unique thing of beauty, better photos coming soon!

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Ryszard (Rick) Gold, From Calgary, Alberta, Canada has over 20 years of experience working with Apple products in a technical capacity. Passionate about technology in general, his natural troubleshooting abilities, curiosity and appreciation of good design lead him into working exclusively with Apple Computer products.
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