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Christmas Gift Ideas!

The seasons upon us and everyone is in search of Christmas presents! We’ve rounded up some Apple related gift ideas for those Apple users and lovers in your life! Or yourself if you like…

Christmas guide for Apple lovers

Christmas From The Mothership

Apple themselves are having a number of Christmas specials! Get snug with the family in front of the TV and check out some great deals on Christmas movies like:

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas: $10
  • How The Grinch Stole Christmas: $10
  • Christmas with the Kranks: $10
  • The Night Before: $10
  • Arthur Christmas: $10
  • The Star: $10
  • Santa Who?: $10

A couple of our own Christmas picks…

  • Die Hard: $8 This IS a Christmas movie!
  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: $10 NOT Christmas until this is on TV.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas: $15 Halloween or Christmas?

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is on special as well, in the US you can get two months for free on an annual subscription of $49. Though I could not confirm it here, I would think the same offer is available to Canadian users.

Apple Watch Challenge

Ring in the new year in a healthy way by closing all three of your rings for 7 days! You’ll get the “Ring In The New Year” badge!

Give The Gift Of Cable Management

Too many people, Logan Bailey is a saint among men. He invented a great solution to wrangle your wild Apple cables, a series of accessories that will keep things nice and tidy!

Christmas ideas for Apple lovers

Starting with the SideWinder not long ago, he has expanded his collection to wrestle nigh any Apple cord. Snap up a few from his website for 25% off right now!

Support Environmental Charities With An Apple Watch Band

Icon Days has released a pretty styling Apple Watch Band, made of 100% leather.

Christmas ideas for Apple Watch

With a launch of a full range due in early 2020, they are starting with this one called Navy Flame. For every purchase, they direct 10% toward a number of environmental charities, made of 100% leather and don’t even use plastic in their packaging. Check out their coming full line or grab their first one for the holidays!

More Leather For Your AirPods

Loose your AirPods Pro and you’ll be paying a pretty penny to replace them… so keeping your case ATTACHED to you might be a good idea! Why not do it in style with the Twelve South AirSnap case?

Christmas ideas for AirPods Pro

Coming in quality leather and featuring a close-snap, a nylon wrist strap they will help keep your AirPods Pro case protected and handy. But the killer feature is the fact it comes with an S-clip to easily attach it to your person! Not only that, but you don’t have to remove your AirPods case to charge it wirelessly, it will charge through the leather!

Now, one slight problem… they won’t ship until the 30th… but perhaps a card and a nice photo for your lucky gift receiver? Or perhaps they have the original AirPods or AirPods 2? Well, in that case, you are in luck! You can get those now on their website!

Holidays For The Apple Fan

There are so many wee bits n’ bobs out there for the Apple Lover in your life! I’ve always wanted a Twentieth Anniversary Mac if you are feeling generous! Contact Us for the shipping address!

Happy Holidays All!

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