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Category Archives: Accessories

Our accessories archive! Great review of iPhone, iPad and Mac accessories! Wild keyboards, cool handmade cases, headhones and more!

KnewKey Rocksete – American Muscle Car Keyboard

Do you love computers? Do you love muscel cars? Then KnewKey has a product for you! Check out their Rocksete keyboard that includes JBL Speakers!

Christmas Gift Ideas!

The seasons upon us and everyone is in search of Christmas presents! We’ve rounded up some Apple related gift ideas

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Supercharge Your MacBook Charger

Not enough outlets for your Apple devices? Turbo boost your Apple MacBook charger and stop the fighting over chargers in your house!

Apple Watch Bands – Taking A Tour

The Apple Watch has the great feature of being able to swap out the bands quickly and easily, leading to some folks having quite the collection!

Fidget Spinner – Standing Out In The Crowd

Every Tom, Dick & Harry seem to be carrying them now, the local 7-11, even the local community association is

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Tour De Bowness Street Fest Sale!

Come join us at the Tour De Bowness Street Festival for fun for the whole family! Bike races, live music and great vendors!

USB C Charger For iPad Pro

Apple has finally released a solution to the rapidly draining battery on the iPad Pro! It involves spending a bit of money.. but you will be much happier with the USB C Charger!

Wacom Cintiq 27 GHD Review

Check out the stunning.. and stunningly HUGE Wacom Cintiq 27 GHD…and an amazing photographer who benefits from it!

Smart Battery Case – New From Apple

Apple introduced a new accessory for your iPhone! An new smart battery case with built in antenna.. only one problem..and it’s disappointing.

Hyperdrive – MacBook Space Woes Solved!

Pining for more space on your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro? Then get it a traveling buddy with Hyperdrive!