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Fidget Spinner – Standing Out In The Crowd

Every Tom, Dick & Harry seem to be carrying them now, the local 7-11, even the local community association is in on the new Fidget Spinner craze! This craze started out as an actual therapy device, giving a focus point for those suffering ADHD and giving fidgety hands something to do. The tri-lobed device is virtually ambiguous now as kids and tweens around the country get them in bulk… and that’s where I saw the problem.

They. Are. All. The. Same.

Fidget Spinner monotony


So, continuing in our market busting ways, we are bringing in THE most unique and cool spinners we can find!

fidget spinner

These things stand out in the crowd of plastic monotony…

fidget spinner

Some glow in the dark, some have LED’s, some show off LED patterns…

fidget spinner

Our metal collection features incredible heat stressed metallics, multi-gear contraptions, and some seriously mean looking ones… parental approval required…

Fidget Spinner – Be Unique & Stand Out

We want you to stand out from the crowd, come by and have look at our in stock collection or order directly from our catalogue. Though our selection certainly looks the coolest, we are forced to hand the crown of “longest spin time” to the good folks over at iPhix, they have gotten their hands on some traditional designed LONG running spinners. Through some sort of elf magic, they’ve gotten them to spin a ridiculous 6 minutes in some cases!

If you have a spinner that isn’t performing as well, come by and for a small fee, we’ll service it for you!

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Ryszard (Rick) Gold, From Calgary, Alberta, Canada has over 20 years of experience working with Apple products in a technical capacity. Passionate about technology in general, his natural troubleshooting abilities, curiosity and appreciation of good design lead him into working exclusively with Apple Computer products.
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