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Supercharge Your MacBook Charger

Accessories haven’t been getting much love from me lately, came across something that caught my attention today though! What if your MacBook charger could do a bit more? Ever put a blower on a Mustang?

charger with a blower

Being a young geek and seeing your older brother pull up to school in one of these was a feel good moment of my youth…

A Charger With A Blower

Instead of forcing more air into the charger though, this supplies more power to you via two USB ports…

charger with usb ports

The point in developing this device was the fact that the big square charger can end up blocking the other power outlet. Even if it doesn’t, the most you could do is plug in one more 5-watt iPhone charger. With this bad boy, you can strap on two fully powered USB ports; and by fully powered, we mean an output of 12-watts each! thats enough to Rapid Charge your iPhone and power most iPads!

The only drawback here I can see is that you cannot use your extension cord with this, but the rather long MagSafe cord is usually sufficient. And, more moderns USB-C chargers are actually plug-in, meaning you can buy 1 or 2 meter cables that work. After seeing my wife hog the power outlet to charger her MacBook Pro and phone, this would be useful to get another charging cable going!

It’s super easy to use, simply unplug the extension cord or pull of the “Duck Head” and slide this into place. Because the attachment hasn’t changed in eons, this is compatible with pretty much every charger Apple has made since 2006. And as an extra bonus, it include 5 international adapters! Apple charges $35 a pop for those…

charger for international outlets

Purchasing The Charger

You can get the PlugBug from TwelveSouth for just $49 USD, about $65 CAD.

Oh, fun fact, Guy Kawasaki himself suggest the alarming red colour… to be eye catching.. and it is that!

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