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Circle By Disney – Parental Network Controls

Though MacOS has some great parental controls, iOS is lacking quite a bit in that department. Enter the Circle By Disney… which is, in fact, a cube.

Circle By Disney

It’s awesome how such an unassuming white box can be universally loathed by your children.

Circle By Disney Makes Parental Controls Easy

This device essentially sits between your router and all devices in your house. Setting up is easy, you simply make each user a profile. Each profile can be controlled with pre-set age group controls or more granularly. You are able to block our entire categories of websites, or individual URL’s.

You can restrict access times and time limits, say you want to allow Internet access for only homework times and limit access to 5 hours on the weekend.

With the subscription service, you can also have control beyond your own wireless network. Using a VPN, Circle Go enforces the same rules while they are out and about or on other wireless networks.

Another feature for aviation inclined parents is the at glance reports. Check what the user has been spending time on, how much and when.

The Killer Feature

The main reason to buy this thing is very, very simple. Are you ready for it?



“Timothy, come for dinner! … Timothy, did you hear me?” “Yes, mom, just a sec…”. If your house is anything like mine… one sec turns to 9 minutes.


Timothy may groan, but he has no reason not to show up at the table in a big hurry. You can do this house wide, or individually.


Circle by Disney gives you thanks like power

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