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Error 53 Is NOT A Broken Testla Car Door Handle

Since our friend Buster Hein doesn’t allow comments on the article in question, I’m forced to respond via my own blog.

In his otherwise great article about the dreaded Error 53, he’s claims that the bricking of iPhones by Apple is,

“It’s kind of like if the door handle on your Tesla broke and you got it fixed at a local repair shop, then Elon Musk decided to lock down your car’s engine in the name of security because you didn’t pay Tesla to replace the part.” – Buster Hein, Cult Of The Mac

In no way is it like that, at all. His next line is very accurate, an echo of mine in fact (No, no.. not claiming plagiarism, great minds think alike!) IT’S A DICK MOVE BY APPLE.

Error 53

It’s not often I call Apple out on Dick Moves

Touch ID Is Not A Door Handle

It’s a key.

A very, VERY important and personal key.

The Home Button itself is a door handle for sure, it’s a mechanical device. The fact the Touch ID contains your bloody FINGERPRINT shows that it’s slightly more important then a mechanical door handle; even more important then a chipped key… and those are EXPENSIVE to replace. And they must be done by the manufacturer.. but at least they let it be done!

If a dude in a black cat suit and balaclava comically slunk behind you and stole your fancy Tesla key, he may indeed be able to nab your expensive miracle of open source technology.. but (ignoring for the moment folks keep a lot of personal info in their car) he won’t be able to steal your very persona and totaly identity theft your ass.

So yes, Buster, comparing a mechanical door handle to Touch ID is over simplification and doesn’t convey the magnitude of the security threat at hand… the security issue Apple is being a total dick about.

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