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Smart Battery Case – New From Apple

Let’s get this out-of-the-way.. this thing is damned ugly. I’m sorry, but for an Apple product, their new Smart Battery Case looks like it hit every branch falling out of the ugly tree.

Smart Battery Case From Apple

Not the Beauty & Brains You Were Hoping For

Smart Battery Case – What It Looses In Looks It Makes Up For In Brains

Looks aside, this is a slick addition to your iPhone 6 or 6s. Packing a 1,877mAh battery, this baby can give you an extra 25 hours of use. Furthermore, it works with iOS 9, modifying your lock screen and notification centre to show you its power level.

Apple Smart Battery Case

No looking at LED’s, no guessing.. a solid hard number.

Your phone will use the external battery first, saving the internal for later. The soft silicone material thins at the edges and allows it to be slipped over the phone without interfering with most docking stations and headphones. As an added bonus there is a signal boosting passive antenna integrated inside.

With Apples design chops you’d think they could have used that fancy battery layering tech to make a curvy back at least.. but for $129.00 we can’t complain too much!

BONUS – More Power For Your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro!

Get another 4 hours of life in the desolation of the wild (Or just to far away from the plug at the Airport) with the ChugPlug Portable Macbook Power Pack! It plugs right into your regular charger and uses LED’s to display it’s power level.

ChugPlu with Smart Battery Case

Could Be A Lifesaver

It’s a steal of a deal over at Cult Of The Mac, just $59 US right now!


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