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Planetary Annihilation: Titans – Destroy SOLAR SYSTEMS

With fresh memories of Star Wars: The Force Awakes in our minds; a massive planet sized weapon unleashing hell… we bring you Planetary Annihilation: Titans.

Planetary Annihilation

For your inner Sith?

Planetary Annihilation Has Never Been This Fun

Having been out for a while now, a recent update has brought it back into the limelight. The story centres around ancient robot wars.. and you control a massive army of machines. From small ground units to truly gargantuan Titans.. to even more unbelievable planet sized machines of pure destruction.

Planetary Annihilation

Oooh look a satellite! I wonder if it will be friends with me?

Planetary Annihilation

Solar Systems.. across a galaxy…

You need to set up bases on key planets, get your massive army into strategic positions to hold a planet. Take and keep the high ground and if you can’t smash through an enemies defences with asteroids or nukes.. you can set up a teleportation starlight and beam your defences in. Got enough resources and happen to have a planet pissing you off.. destroy it completely.. problem solved.

If you have the time and the need to get down with some stress relieving carnage.. this might be for you!


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