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Ringtones @ 100+ BPM

Getting sick of your standard iPhone ringtones? Do your musical tastes lean toward a higher beat per minute? Do you find yourself wearing a lot of black? Spikes? Perhaps prone to making the “Horns” gesture? THEN DOES THIS GUY HAVE A RINGTONE FOR YOU!

Ringtones in metal form

This is Jack, he’s ToxicxEternity,

Ringtones For The Metal Fan

A fellow who I could have done a passable impression of in my youth (minus the gobs of bloody talent) has taken the standard “Marimba” ringtone of the iPhone and done a metal remix of it. What results is head banging good tune suitable for many a guitar shredding fan!

Check out Jacks other work on his YouTube page here, be sure to follow him on Twitter here, and he has some sort of page here… I think he should give The Stem Creative a call for a personal website!

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