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New iPad, iPhones, Updates Galore!

Tuesday Apple came out of the corner with a new iPad jab, new colour iPhone cross, an SE update hook, a knockout uppercut to the iPad Mini 2, a new app, “Clips” overhand  and shovel delivering new cases and watch bands. Here is what you need to know from the most mundane to the most exciting!

New Watch Bands & Phone Cases

Yea, new colours of watch bands in blarg nylon and super comfortable(seriously, if they weren’t so ugly, I’d wear mine ALL the time.) fleuroelastomer, new case colours in bland pastels… moving on.

new iPads and cases

Orange, berry, red, pollen, Tahoe blue, and midnight blue, camellia, pebble, and azure, sapphire, and taupe..MYGOD


Hold on a sec..

See that in the middle? That’s the new Hermes colour, for SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS. Think I’m pulling your leg? Here. If you want to go even more insane, you can have your very own hunk of former cow skin for DAMN NEAR $900! YUP.. RIGHT HERE.

Mine cost $21.


New Social Media Video App, “Clips”

April 1st you’ll be able to get a further dumbed down version of iMovie specifically geared toward making flashy social media video clips. Some nifty tech will automatically caption your voice in fun styles if you choose, and music can be added quickly, automatically adjusting to the video length. Filters, emoji, and stickers will make your videos as millennial as you like. Once you are done, you can instantly share to a variety of social media platforms. iMovie can be a little much for a quick SM video, so hopefully this fills the gap between crappy built-in editors in apps like Instagram and the later.

new iPad

iPhone SE Get A Storage Upgrade

Consider the useless 16GB iPhone DEAD. The new minimum configuration, and for the same price, is 32GB, with a 64GB option available. You can get your hands on this powerful little beauty on March 24th.


Unlike Googles out of left field and ooddly super accurate name of “Really Blue”, Apple has a proud history of red coloured products. For good reason, its in support of HIV/AIDS research by means of the Bono’s multinational campaign. This year the product that got the treatment is the iPhone 7 and 7+. And by all measures, this is a NICE red, in a super crimson aluminum finish. The front is white, though some think it should have been black… the mock-ups look HAWT. If you haven’t got your new iPhone yet, consider the Red, portions of sales will be put toward eradicating HIV/AIDS, have a look at what Bono and Co. do here.

new iPads and red iPhone 7

New iPad & And Old One Lost

It looks like the standard 9.7″ iPad has had the Air knocked out of it… or perhaps inflated into it.. the iPad Air is no longer.. Vive La iPad!

Just iPad.

No Air.

Well, more air actually.. since it’s thicker. They’ve gone an pulled an iPad SE!


Gone is the laminated LCD and digitizer combination in favour of a much more repairable modular design like the iPad 2, 3 and 4.

You see, iPads have been a nice economical repair, that is up until Apple, in pursuit of super thin design, put them together like the iPhones. This resulted in prices of $250 for an iPad Air 2… the next one down? $159 for the iPad Air.

The new iPad is a great buy, packing an A9 processor, TouchID, 10-hour battery life for a lower price tag.. $449 CAD. 32GB or 128GB available in the usual wi-fi or LTE in silver, gold and space grey. Check out the full specs here.

new iPad

Great for butter fingered folks… cheaper to fix!

The iPad Pro line now takes the place of the iPad Air, super thin and now more pro than the regular iPad. Like lovers in one last embrace, the Air couldn’t die alone.. alas, the iPad Mini 2 has finally gone to the grave. This leaves only the iPad Mini 4 in that family… and it just ain’t a good buy. If you really need a smaller iPad, just get an iPhone 7+.


It was a nice spring update for our products, looks like we’ll be waiting another few months for an update to the iPad Pro though. Personally, I can’t wait to see what they do with my 12.9″ iPad in the fall…

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