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Pixel Phone – All Bark & No Bite

Lo and behold! Google Pixel Phone is here! The iPhone killer has arrived! NOTE: I had fully intended to extol the virtues of this phone until benchmarks and specs came out… article changed accordingly.

Pixel phone

Comes in Black, White.. and really really.. I mean REALLY royal bloody blue… really?

For the 3rd time.

Strike 1: Bought Motorola & sold at a MASSIVE loss.

Strike 2: Nexus brand by HTC and LG never gained traction, but were the purest form of Android you could buy.

STOP THE PRESSES! MY GAWD I WAS SO WRONG! In fact, this is the nth time Google has tried a phone of their very own.. and time and time again they have seemingly failed.. check out the full history here if you don’t believe me.

Pixel Phone – Pure Android No Longer Best Option

I’ve always said, if you absolutely must, gun-to-your-head only option, go with a pure Google phone like the Nexus. This was based on the fact that they run PURE Android not wet blanketed by some third party UI. Furthermore, the Nexus line from HTC at least was solid hardware, so the combination made the devils biscuits at least palatable.

But this time, despite all its bluster, fancy keynote and continuous “sick burns” at Apple… they have failed to deliver an amazing product..priced like an amazing product.

They delivered a Ford for the price of a Ferrari.

What are some of the standard features of a 2016 Flagship Android phone or iPhone? Lets see, waterproofing, MicroSD card, optical image stabilization, stereo speakers, good use of real-estate? Pixel lacks all of it. For the price of a Galaxy, iPhone or HTC 10 you too can have half the phone!

Oh.. and its runs half as fast as an iPhone 7. I mean.. really?

Did I mention it looks JUST like an iPhone.

WTF Google?

They made great efforts to tout their new phone (complete with ridiculously placed fingerprint scanner) as truly revolution and mind boggling amazing, digging at Apple whenever they could, and somehow.. in some inconceivable parallel universe of leisure suit clad fashionistas.. they thought this was beautiful.

Pixel Phone vr

But hey, it is an upgrade over a BLOODY CARDBOARD BOX

Not sold on the idea of Phone based VR at all, the real deal is not even comparable. At the same time they also rolled out an apparently very cool wi-fi extender… you know.. similar to what Apple has had for years. I think Google is really trying hard to adopt the RDF (Reality Distortion Field) Steve Jobs had… but that was genetic.

The phone does ship with Nougat, the latest iteration of Android, which shows off plenty of features Apple introduced in iOS 9… and get this.. apparently Google has learned how to put the actual date in their Calendar icon.. Now that is some serious iOS 7 cool!

So A Galaxy Then?


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