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Calorie Tracker – Aaaand Gone….

Well, Lucifer is strapping on his favourite Bauers… after roasting the Pixel 2, I’m in Googles corner this week! I’ve always praised Google for going the extra mile with it’s search and integrated services.. and it introduced a great tidbit into maps the other week… a calorie tracker! When you asked for directions, it would show how many calories you’d burn if you chose to walk!

calorie tracker

Hey, look, if I walk, I could burn off those… 3.5 peanuts?

Calorie Tracker Yea! What? You’re offended?

Yup. The internet told Google their feelings got hurt and now the feature is gone.

Apparently telling people how many calories they could potentially burn by walking is “triggering“, “thoughtless and reckless” , “shamey” and “judge-y“. Now… these folks do have one wee point… you weren’t able to shut it off. Might have been useful and kept the Social Justice Warriors at bay.

These folks also heavily objected to Google using mini cupcakes as a caloric equivalent… would chocolate bars have been better? Side of bacon? Or should it have shown “You could burn 6 pounds of kale!”.

Extremists In Both Camps

I’m a hardcore liberal, unapologetically pro social everything… but I’m also 270lbs and trying to loose weight. While the extremists on the right march and beat good people, extremists on the right tell you not to vaccinate your kids and tend to get offended at every perceived slight imaginable. Now, because some silly bugger has decided that people with eating disorders are going to be triggered by seeing a calorie tracker, the rest of us are robbed of a potentially useful feature.

These folks better damn well sue fast food restaurants for displaying their calorie counts next, don’t forget about food packaging and the scourge of health nuts looking all healthy.

Now, I’m not being callous; Google should certainly have enabled an easy opt out option. The feature was very beta though, and I’m sure that option was coming soon. Now some poor software engineer who thought he was really helping people had his feature pulled within 24 hours because asshats got “triggered”.

Sorry, but the western world is overweight, and we need all the help we can get.

And just for a little perspective… (NOTE: I’m not a big fan of this guy, and I’m not fan of cultural appropriation…he makes a very good point though)



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