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Hyperdrive – MacBook Space Woes Solved!

Yes, Solid State Drives (SSDs) are far superior in every way then the ticking time bomb of memories a mechanical hard drives is, save one; space. Standard MacBook configurations start with 128GB; 512GB is pushing it and 1TB doubles the cost. That simply is not enough to store your vast collection of cat pictures! And don’t even think about the cat compilation videos! It forces you to invest in either a desktop computer with a large capacity HD or another solution. The Hyperdrive is here to help…


Alternative Storage System Featuring C.A.T. Retrieval System

The 3rd party market is full of wonders, and this is a gem. Making use of the standard SD Card slot on MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs, this effectively adds a second Hard Drive by letting you insert any microSD, microSDHC, or microSDXC card!

Hyperdrive accessory for MacBook

Hyperdrive – Russian Dolls For Your MacBook

Hyperdrive Has Brains AND Beauty

The best part is it fits in there as snug as a hug in a rug, using the MacBooks own skin as camouflage. They Even engineered a wee sliver of space in there to fit a fingernail and remove it should the need arise.

Hyperdrive removal

Hyper cares for its customers manicure and suggests a credit card may be used as well.. How thoughtful!

Innovative, useful, beautifully engineered.. What’s not to love! You can grab one at MacNN for $19USD($23,457.34 CAN).

Personally, I’m waiting for the next generation version, the Ludacrisdrive.. Heard it comes in plaid!

Spacebar One Going To Plaid

When Hyper Speed Just Wont Do

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