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Motorola Razr – Flip Phone Evolution

The Motorola Razr is back! I was at the 1st floor of the mobile phone market, entering just as the Motorola Startac had come out and cell phones were REALLY taking off. Arm breaking three year contracts, you could still get analog phones, hell if you wanted, I could have gotten you a 3-Watt Bag Phone! By the time I exited, the Motorola Razr was the hottest thing on the market, and damn it was cool! It had an inside and outside screen with incredible resolution of 176 X 220 @ 128ppi, cutting edge Lithium Ion battery, VGA camera (no video), POLYPHONIC RINGTONES! Hell, you could compose your own ringtone! But that keypad was amazing, single sheet of metal with electroluminescent lighting… it was pimp!

Motorola Razr

And yes, I still have a HOT PINK one!

Motorola Razr Has Returned

Apparently the executives over at Motorola saw an opportunity… in the so far failed Folding Phone market. Now, right from the onset, I don’t expect this to be a big seller, certainly not enough to bring Motorola back from the brink. BUT, I think it’s the best implementation of a folding screen seen so far.

Instead of the incredibly odd shape of the Samsung Fold, the begging to be broken outside fold of the Hauwei Mate X, the new Razr folds along the portrait axis, allowing for the true return of the flip phone!

Motorola Razr

Motorola Razr Opened

The new design isn’t really new as much as refreshed… instead of our tiny screen and slick metal keypad, the entire inside of the device is a screen. A 6.2 inch, 2142 x 876 pOLED screen folds cleanly in half along a better implemented hinge that they say doesn’t require a crease like the Samsung; but I’ll believe that when we see it in person. An outside screen seems to be display only, but can be run using speech. It has a 16-megapixel camera supported by a Snapdragon 710 processor, 6GB of memory, and 128GB of storage, running Android Pie 9.

Not bad specs, but we are missing wireless charging, it has a small battery, only 4G and like most foldable screen phones, any liquid resistance. All for at least $2,000 CAD. And of course, it is Android…

Folding Still A Gimmick

Folding screens have enormous potential, but at this point, the technology simply isn’t mature enough for a day to day use device. We drop our phones, we get food and crap all over them; we expect something at those price points to not only include that amazing screen tech, but it damn well better have ALL the other features!

I’m waiting for a fully rolling screen, I’m still certain that is where the technology will really flex it’s muscles.. no pun intended!

Scroll Phone

You’re damn right I’ll be performing this scene the second I get it!

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