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Apple Holiday Ad – Tis The Season

The season is upon us! How do I know? We have been gifted the annual Apple Holiday Ad! Check it out!


Apple Holiday Ad 2019 – Not Without Controversy

Each year I look forward to Apples holiday ad! Typically they are stellar in some fashion, a tear jerker, an emotional feel good, or something crazy creative. This year, I do have mixed feelings… it does eventually get to the emotional gut punch we expected, but on the way there it seems to rely on troupes that bring the gorge up of many parents.

The stressed our parents placate their ravenous children with an iPad to shut them the hell up… the bane of all organic pasture-raised parents since the invention of the device. I’ve told people to stop assuming stuff, they just don’t learn! Comments were filled with “Oh please!”, “What a terrible example!”, and people calling for the heads of Apple executives for daring to show what most normal parents do on a daily basis.

Is it good to babysit your kids with an iPad? NO. But perhaps they aren’t just mindlessly consuming the latest youtube craze, perhaps they are doing something creative!

Apple Holiday ad


And that’s where Apple take it… the kids were using the iPad to shut up and create something magical indeed, proving the iPad is not eating their brains after all.

This ad does adopt a darker tone than most of Apple holidays ads, frustrated parents, a sad, snarky grandpa.. sad for good reason though. This all builds to the sweetness of what the two kids have done to cheep up grandpa.

My only critique of the ad is that it is very close to “Misunderstood” ad of 2013, but I guess it’s valid to push that it can be used for creativity!


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