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Reachability – iPhone X Protip

The lack of home button on the iPhone X has required a lot of user interface (UI) changes with iOS. With the home button, how do you invoke reachability on the iPhone X?

reachability iPhone x


One Handed iPhone Use With Reachability

If you aren’t ware of what reachability is, then get with the times you long fingered alien geriatric! It is the function that brings the whole UI down to about half way on the screen… letting you comfortably reach without having to resort to two-handed use. It’s triggered by gently tapping on the home button twice; the alternative pressing of the home button twice will bring up the multitasking menu.

By default, reachability isn’t enabled on the iPhone X. To turn it on, put on the scuba gear and dive into settings:

Settings > General > Accessibility  Turn Reachability on.

Once this is done, take a look for the “Gesture Bar”…


Lives up to it’s name…

Now that you’ve identified the latest UI element in iOS 11, swipe down from it… BINGO!

That should pull the UI down so you can tap on the furthest reaches! Once you tapped, the UI should bounce back to where it was, but in case you accidentally invoked it, just swipe up near the Gesture Bar to get things back to normal.

There will plenty more things to learn for iPhone X users in the coming weeks!

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