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Samsung WTF Moment #1031

Samsung has had cringeworthy moment after cringeworthy moment after cringeworthy moment, ad infinitum. Though its a little old now, they are making an interesting push into the restaurant industry. This photo speaks for itself…

samsung idiot

The model should be an actress, look at how normal she’s looking at him!

Samsung Clueless On Human Interaction

Look at the photo, REALLY look at it. In Samsungs world, they really see a future where two grown adults will converse joyfully and normally while at least one is wearing massive headgear with a fucking phone strapped in front of their eyes. You know how annoyed people get when people tap-tap-tappa on their phones when they should be socializing… how will it go over when a phone is actually blocking your eyes?

So what is this photo about? It is a push by the Samsung to have restaurants include Samsung run Virtual Reality into their dinning experience. I’m going to include the incredibly romanticized paragraph in it’s entirety…

You dine on the first course of the meal in a garden in Tuscany, surrounded by flowers with a winery in the distance. You adjust your Samsung Gear VR glasses as a cool wind blows and you catch the rich fragrance of the gardens. But when your main course arrives, you now find yourself underwater with dolphins playing and fish swimming. Your Italian table setting has been transformed into an underwater experience and the light in the room has changed to reflect the underwater scene. You can even see bubbles arising from your drinks and water splashes on the table in 3D.

Putting aside the fact no Samsung phone has the processing power to render this environment without causing you to vomit the very real (and no doubt expensive) dinner because of motion sickness, it would straight up ruin the dining experience having to wear it. What about your meticulously coiffured hair that will get destroyed by the head hugging contraption? Looking over at your date all night with that thing strapped to their face isn’t going to have you in fits n giggles? Samsung is as clueless about Human interaction as Google is… what? You forgot about the people getting punched because they were wearing Google Glass? What Glassholes!

More Immersive Options

The experience actually sounds kind of cool… sans the solid POUND of glass and plastic strapped to your face. The experience Samsung is touting in fact uses their tech (no doubt through a high dollar grant) for a small part of the event. But if you notice, you can totally put diners in a room and project a mixed reality environment into the room. The entire walls and floor could be rear projected with the scenes they are talking about. You can then use the exact same technologies to blow your hair under the Tuscan sun, blow garden scents and manipulate the lights all you want.

All the while gazing at the unburdened face of your wonderful date.

But, instead, Samsung things you should strap shit to your face.


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