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Samsung Note 7 Burned! (again)

The Samsung Note 7 has has been burned, and we aren’t talking about in the battery explod-y way; more on that later. Samsung loves to talk specs, and they love to talk smack about how much higher their specs are then that in the iPhone line. Octo-processor, gobs of RAM, screens so colourful and sharp the human eye would explode could it actually see the difference.

But the real world doesn’t always play by Samsungs marketing playbook… and sometimes the real world straight embarrasses the hell out of them. Observe:


just in case you missed it, the phone laying the absolute one sided hairy ass whooping down was the 365 day old iPhone 6s. And a OSHAW it was… it’s pathetic being best by last years model, but it’s downright shameful that it was LAPPED.

Samsung Note 7 vs iPhone 7

So if the 6s can whoop the Note 7… then against the iPhone 7 the results are predictable.



how does this happen?

Elephant In The Room

Samsung f&%@ed up.


The executive team at Samsung very much wanted to beat the iPhone 7 to market, and they rushed it. Even on rumours the iPhone 7 was going to be boring, they still fumbled the ball 20 yards before the goal line, breaking their leg in the process and somehow goosing half their team mates.

The Galaxy and Note 7 on paper are impressive though. They addressed the shortcomings of the 6 series, sped up Touch Wiz and compared to other Androids shipped a good product.

But, when your waterproofing doesnt hold up to spec, your batteries explode, your recall batteries don’t work… AND YOU GET LAMBASTED BY A YEAR OLD PRODUCT BY YOUR MAIN COMPETITOR?

Samsung Note 7


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